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Free to use and join. Create a Web3 account, browse or create ads, and even place orders.
Harness new technology and redefine your own business strategies for the future.
Consider forward-looking business strategies and position yourselve appropriately in the new digital asset economy.

All-in Fees for all Sellers

Network fees vary based on which cryptocurrency you are trying to send and how busy the networks are.
Charges occur on completed payments only and automatically deducted before final payment is transferred.

Payment fees

Accept Crypto Payments Today to Grow Your Business


Super dApp

With our Super dApp, merchants only need to integrate with one app to access a large customer base of highly engaged users on a single platform.
No need for chargebacks, less so-called fraud, and money is only moved once authorised by the payer. This could increase trust in payment systems, and create more convenience for both businesses and consumer, facilitating faster and cheaper cross-border payments.



No payments are released before the buyers indicate their satisfaction with the orders they have placed. This is to protect the buyers from incomplete or unsatisfactory services.


Sign up for free, set up your free ads, and offer your business, products & services to a global audience & sell. Payments are instantly deposited to your $CRYPTO wallet after completion.


Contactless, Borderless & Secure


Web 3.0 technology enables cross-border payments by connecting globally and making the system interoperable, efficient & affordable.
Our payment gateway driven by blockchain technology facilitates global payments with risk reduction, standardization, transparancy and innovation.
Take 3 steps less, compared to debit/credit cards – reaching for wallet, opening it & taking out the card.
Let’s not even mention counting cash + coins on both sides of the counter.




1 USDC → 1 USD


Instant Payments from Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Speed up the Crypto Payment Cycle.
Simply Top Up your wallet with any cryptocurrency and the smart contract automatically converts it into $CRYPTO for acquiring & incubating utility, building revenue streams and creating a sustainable DAO. The number of tokens you buy will determine the available amount to trade.

New Revenue Streams to Traditional Businesses

When Web 3.0 is completely decentralised in the future and uses the full power of blockchain technology,
DeFi will play a much bigger role than it currently does. Working on the merging of
centralised finance (CeFi) and decentralised finance (DeFi) closing the gap between CeFi and
DeFi that will have huge opportunities in the financial sector.




Receive Payments in USD Coin | USDC


Payouts are forwarded to the external address in your account.


Web3 Marketplace Fees

The Web3 Marketplace charges 15% per order that you complete to cover all network costs.
This doesn’t include gas fees needed for coin types that need another coin for gas
e.g. ERC20 tokens needing ETH, BEP-20 tokens needing BNB or Omni Layer tokens needing BTC, etc.

Liquid P2P Trading

Liquid staking allows you to access your funds even when you’re staking them.
A liquid stake can be converted back to the original deposit at any time.



Exchanging, processing & immediate transfer of payments between $CRYPTO Wallets, instead of long business days with local banks.



A Proof-of-stake mechanism will reduce the energy use in the network, contributing to the growth in capitalization & market dominance.


No Limits

Buys and Sales generated profits are for the $CRYPTO protocol, and the treasury uses the profits to mint $CRYPTO and distribute them to stakers in the LP to aquire a stable value moving forward to the future of the Web3 Ecosystem.


No More Gas Fees

Send payments to $CRYPTO users instantly with 0% fees. Send/receive payments directly in your secure $CRYPTO wallet.

IPFS Payment Terminal

Eliminate total absence of benefits on Web 2.0 Social networks or banks & turn every mobile device into your own personal payment terminal, a lower-cost and faster-to-implement solution for cross-border payments. Send and receive digital currency on-chain & cross-border that benefits citizens & economies all over the world.
A foundational step towards the ownership economy – offering not just a solution to custody your assets, but also a gateway to access the decentralized web.


Unstoppable Payments

Your Non-Custodial Payment Terminal supports any network that is compatible with the Ethereum network e.g. ERC-20, ERC-721, BEP-20 or any compliant token.


Social Commerce

Global payments across all your favorite apps and websites. Share link or QR Code to accept & receive instant payments. Works on all iOS & Android devices.


iOS vs Android

Accept contactless payments without having to install a payment terminal, now you can use any mobile device as your personal payment terminal.



Make your Business Accessible to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

Once minted and stored on IPFS it is resistant to tampering & censorship. Free from intermediaries that can take it down.
No Renewal Fees, No Minting Fees, Yours Forever!


Crypto Credits


Real-Time Payments 4.X

Decentralised networks and distributed technologies provide complete ownership of data and eliminate the dependency on financial institutions. Adapting your business now for the new normal in payments. To deliver this world-class customer experience, you need to provide a seamless experience across multiple channels. Unified commerce is the next step beyond an omnichannel retail strategy. A unified commerce strategy drives the customer experience across every channel, delivering relevant, seamless and personalised experiences. Our new approach offers an opportunity to create new, hybrid shopping experiences that place the customer at the centre, regardless of the point of contact (interact). e.g. Tap & Go  Scan & Pay  Buy & Pay  Pay by Link  Self-Checkout


Compatible Mobile Devices



Apple iOS Mobile Devices


Android OS Mobile Devices


NFC Wearables & QR Codes



Surf the Decentralized Web



Edge Browser


Firefox Browser


Chrome Browser


Brave Native Browser


Opera Native Browser


Safari Browser – N/A

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains


IPFS Interplanetary File System

Web3 Platform & Gateway to the Blockchain, NOT a Bank.




Payment services provided & issued by third party partners.
Banks often see blockchain as competitor or threat. That’s narrow-minded thinking.
The blockchain is a potential distribution channels for banks, enabling the banks to reach a broader
range of customers than they could have on their own. We’re unable to cancel or reverse any transaction. It can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds.

Web 3.0 Security

With peer-to-peer (P2P) communication, security management in Web 3.0 is more distributed.
Therefore, access to any information requires consensus from all the key stakeholders.
Moreover, data is encrypted before sharing and is fully secured on Web 3.0.


This is an agreement between Mobile Credits (“Mobilecredits.app”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) and you (together with Mobilecredits.app, the “Parties” and each a “Party”).

By using any Mobilecredits.app service, whether through www.mobilecredits.app, any associated website, API, or mobile application, you agree that you have read, understood, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained herein (the “User Agreement”), as well as Mobilecredits.app’s Privacy Policy available at www.mobilecredits.app/legal, Cookie Policy, available at www.mobilecredits.app/cookies and Trading Principles, located at www.mobilecredits.app/legal.

Important Note
The purchase of crypto entails a high-risk. The value of crypto can fluctuate and you may lose the capital involved in the transaction.

Digital currencies are not bank deposits, are not legal tender, and are not backed by the government. Mobilecredits.app’s products and services are not subject to any governmental or government-backed deposit protection schemes. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions in any jurisdiction in which Mobilecredits.app’s customers are located may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and value of digital currencies.


Phishing, Scams & Hackers


NEVER, in any situation, should you ever give someone your login password, private key or recovery phrase (“Seed Phrase”).
This will give someone complete access to all your crypto!


Mobile Credits and/or Validators will never DM or ask you to input your seed phrase.

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