Add USDC to Metamask

To add USDC (USD Coin) to MetaMask, you need to copy USDC’s contract address and import it as a custom token.
MetaMask does not automatically add USD Coin (USDC) for you.

USDC runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to make sure that you’re on the “Ethereum Mainnet” network.

By default, you should be on the “Ethereum Mainnet” network.

If you’re not, you need to click on the network dropdown box and select it.

By doing so, the USDC token symbol and decimal will be auto-populated when you paste its contract address.

If you’re not on the Ethereum Mainnet network, it will not be auto-populated.


Here’s how to add USDC to MetaMask:

1. Copy USDC’s contract address: 0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48

2. Unlock your MetaMask wallet

Unlock your MetaMask wallet

3. Click on “import tokens”

Import Tokens

4. Paste USDC’s contract address: 0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48

Paste USDC’s contract address

5. Send or receive USDC

Send or receive USDC

After you’ve clicked on “Add Custom Token”, USDC will be added to your MetaMask wallet.

You can find it under the “Assets” tab.

Now, you’ll be able to send and receive USDC on MetaMask.

To send USDC, click on “USDC” under the “Assets” tab.

Next, click on “Send” and paste the receiver’s address.

If you want to receive USDC payouts, you need to copy your MetaMask wallet address.

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