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10 Brands Winning in the Metaverse

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NIKE launched NIKELAND, an interactive world where visitors get to play mini-games and indulge in a lifestyle centered on sport and play. Expanding its market to the digital space allows the brand to get more people engaged with its products and services.


With the launching of a new Food Fight game mode in Fortnite, Wendy’s took this opportunity to develop a character who’s on a mission to destroy frozen beef—promoting the fast-food chain’s commitment to using “fresh, never frozen beef” in their menu.


In 2022, Samsung launched its first metaverse store in Decentraland. Samsung 837x is modeled after the physical store at 837 Washington Street, New York City. Since its opening, Samsung’s digital store has received over 120,000 customers.


In campaigning for the company’s latest initiatives for sustainability, Hyundai targeted the tech-savvy population and partnered with Roblox for Hyundai Mobility Adventure. The video game highlights an immersive experience between characters and Hyundai’s newest technology.


Beverage company Coca-Cola is breaking through the metaverse with its legacy. Committed to building
friendships with the power of Coke, Coca-Cola launched an NFT collection with OpenSea.


Adidas expanded its market and set up auctions for original and collaboration pieces on OpenSea, aspiring to indulge users in owning one-of-a-kind assets and encourage them to pursue creativity and
individuality through fashion.


Gucci’s The Vault occupies virtual space at The Sandbox. The 10KTF Gucci Grail is the brand’s upcoming project, applying the treasure hunt model to entice players to collect assets along the way. The exclusive prizes at the end of the treasure hunt will feature NFT pieces crafted especially by the creative director Alessandro Michele.


Fortnite remains to be a favorite venue for brands launching into the metaverse. In a collaboration, luxury brand Balenciaga makes waves in the gaming community as it releases its first NFT wearables in 2021.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana engages the metaverse marketplace with the official launching of DGFamily, an NFT
community bestowing members with exclusive benefits to the brand’s collection drops and events.


In 2021, Ferrari released the 296 GTB, and the Fortnite community got to try it out first. This particular model has yet to make a physical debut, but Fortnite players can take it out for a drive on a battle royale.


In September 2021, Vans World went online. If you’re too scared to try out skateboarding in real life, you can check out Vans World for a virtual experience.

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