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Providing any business with a secure, private, and easy way to accept contactless & cross-border payments worldwide.

Web3 Payments
Payments-as-a Service (PaaS)

Processing Online Merchant Payments

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Accept instant payments in over 135 currencies. Pay out fiat or crypto.

NFC Wearables

NFC Crypto Key to accept instant payments from any iOS & Android device.


Manage your Wallet from a desktop or mobile for multi-channel experiences.

Stable Coins

Smart contracts will become fundamental building blocks of value exchange.


Cryptocurrency wallet to interact with decentralized Ethereum applications.


Building decentralized digital identities for the world. No more copying and pasting.


Use your web3 username, avatar and other profile data across services.


Censorship-resistant and decentralised on the Blockchain & Metaverse.

Binance Wallet

The world's leading Blockchain ecosystem and digital asset exchange.

Trust Wallet

Ethereum wallet to store your BEP2, ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.


Connecting decentralised applications to mobile wallets.


Google's fast, free web browser for your computer, phone, and tablet.


A fast & secure browser that helps you protect your data, save time and money.


Web browser backed by Mozilla, dedicated to internet privacy.


A fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile.


Secure browser to protect you from fraud & malware on the web.

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Web3 Payments

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Generation Z is living their lives online, purchasing goods with digital currency, and establishing businesses in the Metaverse.

Mobile P2P Payments

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The fastest and easiest way to integrate mobile payments.


Checkout Terminal

Your own in-person checkout to accept mobile payments on the Go.


Buy, Sell & Trade

The most easy way to earn with business, products & services.


Global Platform

Crossborder & local payments through a single integration.


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Offer payments online, offline, QR, invoice, or the point of sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make your Business Accessible to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

A universal payment method across Web3, Blockchain and the whole Metaverse. Enabling anyone to seamlessly and securely accept credit & debit cards, and other digital currencies through a simple link, QR code or Tap on any mobile device wherever you are.

Decentralised networks and distributed technologies provide complete ownership of data and eliminate the dependency on financial institutions. Adapting your business now for the new normal in payments. To deliver this world-class customer experience, you need to provide a seamless experience across multiple channels. Unified commerce is the next step beyond an omnichannel retail strategy. A unified commerce strategy drives the customer experience across every channel, delivering relevant, seamless and personalised experiences.
Stripe handles payments Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations and helps you meet all requirements for payments compliance. No need for chargebacks, less so-called fraud, and money is only moved once authorised by the payer. This wil increase trust in payment systems, and create more convenience for both businesses and consumer, facilitating faster and cheaper cross-border payments.
Apple iOS Mobile Devices, Android OS Mobile Devices, NFC Wearables.
Edge Browser, Firefox Browser, Chrome Browser, Brave Native Browser, Opera Native Browser, (Safari Browser – N/A)
Global payments across all your favorite apps and websites. Share link or QR Code to accept & receive instant payments. Eliminates total absence of benefits on Web 2.0 and never ending algorithm changes to keep you engaged, without them paying you for any required time or effort.
Contactless accessories you can use as your own in-person checkout to accept payments in the physical world. Buy here!
A Non-Custodial Payment Terminal supports any network that is compatible with the Ethereum network e.g. ERC-20, ERC-721, BEP-20 or any compliant token.
Once minted and stored on IPFS it is resistant to tampering & censorship. Free from intermediaries that can take it down. No Renewal Fees, No Minting Fees, Yours Forever!
Accept contactless payments without having to buy expensive hardware, now you can use any mobile device as your personal payment terminal.

* Not every Android phone does support NFC, and many are actively released without it e.g. budget phones, and quite a few mid-range models​. Try swiping down on your Android phone from the top to pull up the power options control, and seeing whether there’s one for “NFC”. I no NFC is available, scan the QR code or use the link.
Stripe Connect
Stripe Connect

No Additional Provider Needed to Get Paid!

Send and receive fiat and digital currency on-chain & cross-border that benefits citizens & economies all over the world.

NFC Mobile Devices & Wearables

Instant Payments on any Mobile device.

Short-range wireless technology to make secure payments between a NFC mobile device and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal in the cloud or IPFS & personal (d)App.

One-Time Payment, No Renewal Fees

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Web3 Payments
Monetize Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

Social Commerce 3.0
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Eliminate total absence of benefits on Web 2.0 (Algorithms) & turn every mobile device into your personal payment terminal.

Online Payment Process

Eliminate total absence of benefits on Web 2.0, Social Networks or Big Tech to get Instant Payments!

Keep up with the shift to more digital channels, serve customers better & drive more sales for your Business, Products & Services.

Web3 Payments

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Scan a QR code below with any iOS or Android mobile device.

* MetaMask requires QR code scanner within its app.

** Unlimited Domains, ENS & IPFS requires supported browsers.

iOS & Android
Blockchain & Metaverse

300M+ Crypto Users
250+ Coins & Tokens

A payment gateway driven by blockchain technology facilitates global payments with risk reduction, standardization, transparancy and innovation. Delivering End-To-End retail billing solutions for all your business, products & services.

Gen Z : The Mobile Generation

Decentralized Payments No Physical Cash.

Money is sent safely & securely directly to your crypto wallet.

Crypto Wallet Payments

Why Wait on Anyone to Get Paid!

Use any Smartphone or Tablet to Accept Instant Payments.
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